Rec Room #24

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Rec Room #24  

Date: 23.06.2018

Location: OHM Berlin

Event Info:

Rec Room #24 ~ Roots, Space & Vision ~
We want to show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds.

Line-up for Rec Room #24 (
· ·)ノ

ミ DJ Fart in the Club (Imaginary friend)
Kepler (Rec Room, Sick Girls)
Sarah Farina (Rec Room, TMS)


Hello LUZ1E! Before the Frankfurt based Ghetto Tech lover will rock the Melt Festival in July we are happy to witness her killer skills and flawless taste at Rec Room. Alongside LUZ1E we are welcoming the mysterious DJ Fart in the Club who might be your imaginery friend, or is she real? You will only find out on June 23rd.

We're looking forward to dance our buttocks off together with you,
your friendly hosts
Sarah Farina, Uta and Kepler
🎨 Artwork by
Super Quiet
And always remember:
Good Vibes Only
Show Love
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