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Serendubity: Rise Up - Return to Dubtopia
Friday, May 3rd, 2019 / 22:00
YAAM Berlin

In a not so distant future, the world has descended into a state of chaos, and what’s left of a formerly vibrant city has fallen into ruin. Once full of life and diversity - and now surrounded by a vast desert wasteland - there remain only a few strongholds of underground resistance.

According to an ancient prophecy, three mystical princes shall one day return from far away lands, bringing with them their caravan of sound, magic and light, thus creating an oasis where life may flourish once again!

On Friday, May 3rd, the legendary Caravan of
Serendubity returns to Berlin, for a memorable, festival-like experience in one of the city's final refuges for alternative music and culture.

★★★ The Lost Kingdom ★★★
Dub // Roots // Reggae // Digital // Steppas

Manudigital *live* (France) + Deemas j (UK)
Performing live for the first time in Berlin!!!

Young Veteran Soundsystem (Köln)

Catitah Steppah (Serendubity // Berlin)

Meta (Serendubity // Berlin)

★★★ The Badlands ★★★
Beats // Bass // Grime // Dubstep // Jungle

Shutnizza (Sub FM // Yekaterinenburg, RU)

Schmeckefuchs (Rebellion der Träumer // Berlin)

Migz (Etikett Radio // Berlin)

Tommy Lexxus & Jimi Handtrix (A Bass Odyssey, Higher Ground Recordings, Bassism Records, Serendubity // Berlin)

Acid Dub Foundation *live* (Serendubity // Berlin)
Dubelgänger feat. Baptiste & Dubby Dé

★★★ The Oasis ★★★
Live Looping // Hip-Hop // Afro-Funk // World Music

Wynton Kelly Stevenson *live* (Berlin / USA)

burek3000 (Zagreb, HR)


Annie D (Serendubity // Berlin)

And more to be announced!

★★★ Cool Runnings ★★★
Taking over and heating up the iconic Bar are:

Roots Daughters ( Roots Daughters // Berlin)

BenJammin (Peace Time, Serendubity // Berlin)

The Cook ( Serendubity // Berlin)

★★★ Space Design & Decorations ★★★
Our caravan would never be complete without the magic of our deko crew
Die Gaffa Gang, who are already working on turning YAAM into a post-apocalyptic Dubtopia!

Visuals by:
Stephanie Fenner
María Rojo
Francisco Moaca
Miguel Canal /

★★★ Serendipitous Surprises ★★★
As always we'll have more than a few treats waiting for you!

Proper Sound System
Delicious Food
Chillout Area
Fire Space
and much more!

Serendubity: Rise Up - Return to Dubtopia
Friday, May 3rd, 2019
YAAM Berlin
An der Schillingbrücke 3
Doors open at: 22:00
Beach open from: 16:00

Artwork by
Krissi Juls

Refugees Welcome
No isms, no schisms
Strictly unity vibes!