Apatchy104 about 'Tomahawkflow EP'

“This EP developed during an absolutely horrible time in my life. It's a very Personal thing, I wanted to make an EP like that for a long time and I learned a lot while mixing and mastering it. I was not sure if I was going to release it at all but in the end it paints a very good picture of my past and when I listen to it I know I am never going back there. It's as dark as the time it comes from. Made all the instrumentals myself and ronnyausmdritten sent me a sample for 'Traumfänger'. The Intro and outro shoutouts come from Shxdow which motivated me a lot to complete and release this. As always I got tons of feedback over the year i worked on it which I am very thankfull for. Artwork comes from Pierre Paolo who you will see me work a lot with in the near future. I will Focus on instrumental projects for the rest of the year but there may be some features dropping and I do a lot of mixing lately so my name will definitely pop up here and there in the near future.”

Apatchy104 about 'Barking'

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