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Skinnytis & Apatchy104 sprechen über ihr Mixtape "Grime aus Berlin"

ROOKIIE spricht über seine neueste EP

INTERVIEW: Alice Dee spricht über ihre Anfänge, ihr neuestes Werk und Grime in Deutschland

MUSIC BLOG INTERVIEW: Austrian MCs KINETICAL and P.TAH talk us through their recently released GHOST EP. A solid mix of Grime, HipHop, Bass and Dub elements. (Interview is in German)

30.03.2019, Berlin - From graffiti to rap. Alice Dee Wildstyles EP: 6 clubbangers between Beatbox and Grime, Party and Politics, São Paulo and Berlin, collectively produced and made for dancing.

30.11.2018, Vienna - Compa (DEEP MEDi, UK) Capo Lee (Rinse FM, UK) B. Ranks ✇ K:sun (BLVZE) LIVE Special Kinetical X P.TAH "Ghost" EP Releaseshow ✇ SPLIFF Floor hosted by Duzz Down San D.E.Y. Chrisfader Testa

November/Dezember 2018, Österreich - Die Wiener Rapper Kinetical & P.tah gehen auf Tour und stellen ihre brandneue EP "GHOST" vor. Support by B. Ranks. Wir sind gespannt!