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12.01.2019, Berlin - Force Field is an event venture gathering the sonic perspectives of selectors RO Zar and Misantrop. Anything goes—it's a vibrant melting pot of divergent sounds and disparate tempos, orbiting around bass diasporas, off-kilter riddims, the hardcore continuum, a spectrum of euphoria, modern angularity, oddball gems, and further filth. Cheeky fun for the dancers who like to be kept on their toes.

09.11.2018, Berlin - Bassism Records turns 10 and our first event at the legendary YAAM Berlin. Come help us celebrate ten years of dubstep and drum & bass music, with brand new releases from K2 Bassism & Tommy Lexxus!

08.11.2018, Berlin - Anthoney J Hart gets down to UK rave fundamentals under his Basic Rhythm pseudonym. Where his more prolific Imaginary Forces output is all about the push ’n pull of power noise and post-rave techno dynamics, Basic Rhythm fixes a steely focus on the physics of the UK’s hardcore continuum.