This EP developed during an absolutely horrible time in my life. It's a very Personal thing, I wanted to make an EP like that for a long time and I learned a lot while mixing and mastering it. I was not sure if I was going to release it at all but in the end it paints a very good picture of my past and when I listen to it I know I am never going back there. It's as dark as the time it comes from. Made all the instrumentals myself and ronnyausmdritten sent me a sample for 'Traumfänger'.
We've been sitting on most of the tunes on this EP since 2015. I first met Window in 2014 to DJ on his radio show when I was still in college and couldn’t mix but he liked my tune selection. I remixed a few of his songs a few weeks later and never thought much more of it. We've been waiting for the right time to release them for over 5 years, and we've now nearly sold out all 500 copies in the first week.
This release was guided by the pandemic happening, I had a loud of artists lined up but because most could t get to a studio to record I decided to make the majority of the release remixes instead. My aim was to give every track a totally different feeling to the original vocal and try some new things and I am happy with the results.
Unsurprisingly there’s been a lot of lockdown-related music coming out recently which is kinda depressing to me. Thought now was the time to release this fun-ish, catchy tune about better times. Big up Trooh Hippi on the beat cos this one had us bopping in the studio. This may be a fun tune to bop your head to but I have plenty more singles to release in the coming months - I’m not horsing around!
This song was originally going to be with Logan, but he's a busy man these days so I took this Delzo beat for myself muahahahaha! Originally the bridge was going to be the hook but I managed to write another catchy 8bar for when the beat drops. I added some grimey flows in the verses and it all came together as a chill grime tune!
I wrote and recorded this track when I was 18 this was actually the second song I ever recorded since then making song after song and to be honest I completely forgot about it , I was weary about releasing it because I thought I might not have been as good a couple years back but I played it over and it still seemed levels to me so I thought I’d better release it
I linked up with Ted Loco to make the song as soon as he played the beat I knew it was special. Straight away the lyrics and flow came to my head.. Originally it was supposed to be a solo song with just me as the only vocalist, but me and Ted both agreed we needed a feature or 2 too change the dynamics of the song and bring a bit more of a different flavour to the tune.
This song started as an 8 bar lyric: "I was born in 1995, bored of working 9 to 5…" My friend and fellow grime artist Chowerman told me it's catchy and I should make it into a hook. I initially disagreed but tried it out and it turned out great! I went to the studio and told my friend and producer Delzo the type of beat I needed and he cooked up the magic.
„A selection of tracks, unreleased gems, some never distributed digitally before - dropping especially to help tide over the tough days ahead weathering the storm that the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak is causing. Supporting this album will help me to support my family and pay the bills whilst I face highly uncertain times without money from live gigs coming in. As is well documented, the streaming effect on the industry has made live shows the most vital part of earning for musicians and...
„This track is a personal favourite, because it’s been a long time since I collaborated with JME and this beat was actually inspired by him and some of his earlier production. So when my producer Flamin took the sound I wanted to recreate from out of my head. There was only one person and had in mind to give it that extra kick. And he came with that CLASSIC JME Sauce!“ Ears about 'Bloops'