Plastician about 'Deep In The Drives'

„A selection of tracks, unreleased gems, some never distributed digitally before - dropping especially to help tide over the tough days ahead weathering the storm that the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak is causing.


Supporting this album will help me to support my family and pay the bills whilst I face highly uncertain times without money from live gigs coming in. As is well documented, the streaming effect on the industry has made live shows the most vital part of earning for musicians and we all need to be pro-active in securing a future doing what we love until things start to become more clear through the clouds of this global crisis.


I thank you all for supporting me and this release and I hope you enjoy the tracks - as ancient and rare as some of them are I can accept they might not be fully representative of what I'd like to be releasing right now but I'm working on that in the meantime!

Much love, stay safe!“ 

Plastician about 'Deep In The Drives'

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