Footsie 'No Favours'


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Grimelist is a Berlin based Platform for Grime, Bass and UK Rap Music. We are interested in background stories and want to reveal more of them. In this format we ask you to tell us something about your ideas, motivation, the process of the making and what ever comes to your mind when you think about the album. We'll publish it in the purest way possible, in your own words.


An Example:

„This track is a personal favourite, because it’s been a long time since I collaborated with JME and this beat was actually inspired by him and some of his earlier production. So when my producer Flamin took the sound I wanted to recreate from out of my head. There was only one person and had in mind to give it that extra kick. And he came with that CLASSIC JME Sauce!“

Ears about 'Bloops'

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