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Grimelist Takeover w/ DJ Oblig and Alice Dee

Alice Dee, DJ Oblig, Emanuela and Robin

Kikelomo is one of the DJs in Berlin who plays regular Grime Sets and she hosts her own radio show "Pass the Aux" at Cashmere Radio. We were asked to host the latest episode as she was away in Asia and London. On Saturday April 20th we went live with DJ Oblig (UK) and Alice Dee (Berlin). Listen to the show below.


“Grimelist is a Berlin based Grime Music project with the aim to connect the Grime scene outside of the UK. The focus lies on Grime related Music Events in Germany and Austria. We basically list events on our website and promote them through our social media channels. In this episode we talked about our platform and the local Grime scene. Furthermore we had an experienced radio DJ on the decks. We were happy to welcome DJ Oblig (Rinse FM, PyroRadio) to our show, as well as German MC Alice Dee.”

Listen back to the show:

Topics and Tracklist:


Functions On the Low - Ruff Sqwad 

Introduction (5:40)

Lei Wulong - Faze Miyake 

What is Grime? (9:40)

I Luv U - Dizzee Rascal

Grimelist and the Team (13:50)

Together - Ruff Sqwad

Why I started Grimelist (19:15)

One Take - Ghetts, Rude Kid

The local Grime scene (22:55)

Dem Ghost Me - Kinetical, P.tah, Ruffian Rugged

The Inaccessibility of Music scenes (29:20)

10/10 - Novelist

Feeding Frenzy - Jam Baxter

Venom - Little Simz

Live Rap by Alice Dee (40:25)

Interview with DJ Oblig (44:05)

Currency - Zdot

Live DJ Mix by DJ Oblig (48:15)


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