Rec Room #25 w/ ANZ

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Rec Room #25 ~ Roots, Space & Vision ~

We want to show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds.

Line-up for Rec Room #25 (
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 Anz. (Chow DownNTS Radio, UK)
Sarah Farina (Rec Room, TMS)
Kepler (Rec Room, Sick Girls)
Uta (Rec Room, TMS)

Love on first sight: when we saw ANZ. playing a Boiler Room session a couple of months ago it was immediately clear to us that we needed to invite this amazing talent from Manchester to Rec Room. ANZ. pretty much sums up what we stand for - a curious and adventurous mind exploring music without boundaries. We are looking so much forward to dance with you!

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